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The Falcon Point Management Group Ltd is a co-operative within the meaning of section 1(2) of the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965 and is organised and run on co-operative principles.

The Co-operative principles were defined by a Resolution of the 24th Congress of the International Co-operative Alliance at Hamburg in September 1969. They are:

  1. That membership of the co-operative should be voluntary and available without artificial restriction or any social, political, racial or religious discrimination, to all persons who can make use of its services and are willing to accept the responsibilities of membership.
  2. That Co-operative Societies are democratic organisations. Their affairs should be administered by persons elected or appointed in a manner agreed by the members and accountable to them. Members of primary societies should enjoy equal rights of voting (one member, one vote) and participation in decisions affecting their societies. In other than primary societies the administration should be conducted on a democratic basis in a suitable form.
  3. That share capital should receive only strictly limited rate of interest, if any.
  4. That the economic results arising out of the operations of a society belong to the members of that society and should be distributed in such a manner as would avoid one member gaining at the expense of others. This may be done by decisions of the members as follows : (a) by provision for development of the business of the co-operative, (b) by provision of common services, (c) by distribution among members in proportion to their transactions with the society.
  5. That all Co-operative Societies should make provision for the education of their members, officers and employees, and of the general public in the principles and techniques of co-operation, both economic and democratic.
  6. That all Co-operative organisations, in order to best serve the interest of their members and their communities should actively co-operate in every practical way with other co-operatives at local, national and international levels.

In carrying out its objectives Falcon Point Management Group Ltd will work towards the elimination of discrimination based on race, ethnic origin, nationality, gender, disability, sexuality. Age, class, appearance, religion, responsibility for dependents, unrelated criminal convictions or any matter which causes any person to be treated with injustice. The objectives are:

  1. The provision, construction, conversion, improvement or management on the Co-operative Principles of dwellings exclusively for letting to members of the Co-operative (or to other persons) under the terms of a tenancy granted to them by the Co-operative or another landlord body.
  2. The provision and improvement on the Co-operative principles of land building, amenities or services for the benefit of members, either exclusively or in conjunction with other persons.

The provision of housing management services to members of the co-operative and to the occupants of dwellings that are the subject of a management agreement under which the Co-operative is acting as managing agent for a landlord body

“The Falcon Point Management Group Ltd will provide a transparent, accountable and excellent service to all residents through consultation and engagement with them and other stakeholders”.

Membership of the Co-operative is open to all Secure Tenants, Joint Secure Tenants, Leaseholders, Joint Leaseholders and where such is an individual, to the spouse or registered civil partner of that individual.

Applications for membership shall not be unreasonably rejected.

If an application is approved, the Co-operative will issue the applicant with one share upon payment of £1.

Membership is terminated by death, resignation, expulsion or ceasing to occupy a dwelling provided or managed by the Co-operative.


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